Client Testimonials

Excellent Defense Attorney

Charity represented me in a civil and criminal traffic case that had gotten out of hand. We had one conversation on the phone, and when she filed my documents she remembered everything we had spoken about. There were 2 different courts and counties involved, and she promptly addressed each court. She got one ruling handled and dismissed without me even having to appear in court. She is very prompt to respond to me, as well as prompt to get things filed and get results. I would definitely recommend Charity Clark Law to anyone in need of a great attorney.

– Travis

Fabulous Attorney

Charity told me that we could definitely beat the charge and we did! I was always well informed and getting in touch with her was never a chore. I spoke with four other attorneys in Phoenix before hiring her. I’m so happy that I did. If you need legal help and don’t know where to turn hire Charity! Well worth the money!

– Jonathan

Property Returned to Elderly Mother

Charity Clark was very kind, professional, timely, and within our budget. She was the difference between my elderly, disabled mother rightfully having the funds due her from her home and vehicle and my mother being totally indigent. The unfortunate story is that my eldest sister was entrusted to liquidate my mother’s assets and use the funds for her care when our stepfather died but instead decided to keep them and use them for her own purposes. My mother is wheelchair-bound, very physically disabled, and as a result, extremely vulnerable. She is no longer capable of making all her own financial decisions but is still aware and alert enough to know that her assets were not being used for her benefit. Charity helped my other sister and me take back control of my mother’s property in order to make funds available for her care. Charity worked with my sister and me across two different states with patience, flexibility, and understanding to bring a civil case to court (against a once-loved family member) which resulted in the return of my mother’s assets. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for effective legal representation.

– Marjorie

Excellent Lawyer! Great Results!

I live in CA and hired Ms. Clark for a case in Arizona. From the first phone call, I was extremely comfortable with her. I had interviewed several lawyers on the phone and none were as straightforward, helpful, and honest. She was not trying to extract money for every single little detail but was straightforward and extremely reasonable. She has been on top of every single detail and has kept in constant communication especially with me being out-of-state. She has great contacts and relationships within the community and is able to get speedy answers and results. She is able to fight for you and help resolve your case. I don’t wish for any other cases for myself but it would be an absolute pleasure to work with her again in the future! I would highly recommend her to anyone I know in Arizona!

– Christine

Lightning Fast Response

Owning a business face with legal challenges. Every contact I had with Charity I walked away impressed. She responded shockingly fast with my emails and phone calls. I was satisfied with the outcome of my cases, I was always happy with the billing.

– Rich

I was in Good Hands

Charity represented me in a criminal case this year, She was great to work with and very professional. Charity went above and beyond the call of duty to help me and make me feel better about what was going on. I am very grateful for her expertise.

– Doug

Great Attorney!

Charity is great to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney for my case. I will recommend her to everybody I know that needs an attorney. Most DUI cases are cookie-cutter and the attorney doesn’t make much of a difference in the outcome or sentence. Charity was able to find some recent laws that have changed (for the better) and was actually able to “win” our defense. At the very least, I suggest speaking with Charity for a consultation before you go into court with the public defender. Or, just stay out of trouble !!

– Damon

Thank Goodness for this Lawyer! Saved my Behind!!!!

Unfortunately, I was involved in a stupid incident that resulted in an assault charge filed against me by my local police department. I’ve never been in trouble before and had no idea what to do, where to start, or what my options were. Charity Clark guided me through the process from start to finish and answered my 1 million questions before we ever even went to court. Thankfully, I was able to beat the charges (which I never would have guessed possible). I’ll never get in trouble again, but I’ll send anyone in trouble to Charity!!!!

– Jeffrey

She Exceeded All of My Expectations.

I was fortunate enough to have Charity Clark recommended to me by an acquaintance that had previously utilized her services. I was amazed at the personal attention this attorney provided me. I know that my case was extremely thoroughly reviewed and that Ms. Clark read every single word of every single report and researched all possible material that could help my case. At court, she did a great job and I could not have been represented any better. My family and friends are very thankful for her efforts! I give her the highest recommendation possible and I was fortunate to have her standing next to me and guiding me through this process.

– Copyright Client

Thank You, Charity!

I retained Ms. Charity Clark to help me with an out-of-town case of mine in Arizona while I was based in Los Angeles. I was very nervous going into it as I am the type of person that has a lot of questions and concerns. I didn’t know how well communicating would work being in separate states especially for something like this which was of huge importance.  As soon as I spoke with her, I immediately felt at ease. She took so much time to discuss every detail of the case, the steps she would be taking to help me resolve it, the time frames, and the hopeful outcome. Another important aspect was her fees. Not only is she extremely reasonable. She is very upfront and honest. There are no added or hidden fees once you retain her. I called and spoke with so many AZ based attorneys on the phone before I luckily found her and they all had years of experience under their belt but that came with them being so short with me and leaving me feel unimportant and I had too many unanswered questions to move forward with them. It seemed they lost their spark and passion for the business they were in. Ms. Clark has so much passion for what she does. She is always prompt in responding to emails or calls and I never felt the stress of not hearing back from her. She loves what she does and she will fight for you until the end to get your best and desired outcome in your case. Things that the most seasoned and experienced attorneys lose it seems over the years. Not only that, but she is extremely well known, respected, and regarded in her field. She knows so many people in the legal system and is able to get to the right people in a short amount of time. 

 I truly hope I never run into legal trouble again but if I do I would absolutely not hesitate to call her to represent me. I would actually look forward to it as she is such a pleasure to deal with and work with. 

The case I had was criminal and I was facing the possibility of losing/not obtaining my real estate license and she really fought hard to help me. Even going as far as contacting the Real  Estate Bureau for me to keep them updated on my progress and to explain certain aspects of the case to them. This was really above and beyond of what any attorney would do and what I had even hired her for.  Needless to say, I am so thrilled that I got my license.  My life and career would have truly been affected otherwise. 

Saying thank you to Ms. Clark is not nearly saying enough. If you need the best attorney in Arizona, she is truly the top choice! 

– Christine N.

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